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The Toronto Gay Hockey Association would like to thank all of its members for asking what our association can do to address anti-black racism. Our mission is to create an LGBTQ2SAI and allied positive space where people enjoy the game of hockey in an environment free from harassment or discrimination, which encourages fair play, openness and friendship. We must reflect upon this in light of current events.

The Toronto Gay Hockey Association recognizes that systemic racism permeates our community. We want to utilize this moment to learn more about the issues of racism and inequity that affect our league so that we can develop strategies to confront these issues. Initiating an inspired, safe, and progressive dialogue will be our first step. To that end, we are forming a new committee to make recommendations for improving our knowledge and awareness of systemic racism and increasing diversity in the league.

Some of the members have asked that we take financial action in the form of a donation. The Toronto Gay Hockey Association will match the donations made to the Black Queer Youth Program (SOY) by individual members and sponsors to a total maximum of $2,000. We will match our member's donations made from the 3rd to the 30th of June.

It is time to have uncomfortable conversations; we will do more to listen, learn and amplify.


The Toronto Gay Hockey Association, otherwise known as the "TGHA," is a non-contact ice hockey league for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and heterosexual people over the age of nineteen. With an impressive 12 teams and 180 playing members, the TGHA is the largest gay hockey league in the world!

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