All tournament players will abide by the current Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) Rules and Regulations. Below is an outline of important rules specifically made for the Canada Cup.

The rules: 

  1. Players may play for one (1) team only.
  2. A player must play in at least 1 preliminary game to be eligible for the semi-final or final.
  3. CSA-approved helmets and equipment must be worn at all times during all games, even on the players’ bench and in the penalty box. A minimum half shield is required on all helmets.
  4. Slap shots are allowed in the tournament.
  5. This is a non-checking tournament. Body checking will result in a minor or major penalty, depending on the intent.
  6. The Centre ice red line is not considered for two-line passes and icing (i.e. there is no centre line). Icing is an unplayable pass from the defensive blue line to a puck touched past the end line.
  7. Icing. When the puck is shot from behind the defending blue line, icing is called the instant the puck crosses the goal line.
  8. A minor penalty is 2 minutes. A major penalty is 5 minutes. Three minor penalties or 1 major penalty incurred by the same player in a game will result in an immediate ejection from that game (Game Misconduct). If a player drops their gloves, the tournament committee will decide on the length of the suspension. Fighting will result in the ejection from the tournament.
  9. A team that delays the game in an abusive manner to player changes may be awarded a penalty of 2 minutes.
  10. Each Team is allowed one thirty (30) second time out per game.
  11. Where two or more teams are tied at the end of the round-robin, the ranking will be determined according to the following criteria:
    1. Total number of wins, followed by;
    2. Points earned in the head-to-head games, only if all of the tied teams played each other an equal number of times, followed by;
    3. Least penalty minutes, followed by;
    4. Most periods won, followed by;
    5. Least amount of losses, followed by;
    6. A coin toss between the team coaches or representatives.
  12. Overtime: During the semi-finals or finals, if after the third period of play the teams are tied, the following will occur:
    1. Five minutes of run time, where changes of players can only be made on the fly (not during a stoppage of play). One warning, then a delay of game penalty will be awarded.
    2. Four (4) players a side, sudden death.
    3. Any penalties carry on into this 4th period.
    4. After the sudden death, we move to a shoot-out format if the teams are still tied. Each team selects five players. Each player begins at centre ice, skating in for one shot on goal. The team scoring the most goals in five attempts is the winner. If the shootout is tied after all ten players have made their attempts, the competition continues in "sudden-death" mode: the teams trade shots until there is a winner.