Team Names

Albany Bombers Team Trans Blue
Boston Pride Team Trans Pink
ChiCanada Terperman's TORage
Montreal Dragons TGHA Agents
NYC Bodega Toronto Farm Boys
NYC Jaywalkers Toronto Goodfellas
Ottawa Otters Toronto Misfits
Pittsburgh Tigers Toronto Reloaded
Pucking Mutts Toronto Trilliums


After a round robin, teams will be placed into one of the following three divisions: 

Division B
Advanced/Competitive Level – Very skilled hockey players who play at a high level. Often these are people who have played hockey since they were young. Generally, these players have organized/coached hockey experience and a complete understanding of the rules of play. These players have great stick handling skills and can confidently skate both forwards and backwards with ease.

Division C
Intermediate Level – Players typically have some organized/coached experience and have a good understanding of the rules of play. Players have average stick handling skills, are comfortable skating both forwards and backwards, and can easily perform a “hockey stop.”

Division D
Beginner/Novice Level – Players typically have 1-3 years of experience skating. Players should be comfortable skating forwards and performing a “hockey stop” but likely have work to do on their backwards skating, stickhandling, and shooting skills.